Oliver Farrow — artist, composer and pianist

Personas Band

Oliver Farrow; creator, songwriter and keys player

Personas is an ensemble that creates songs representing specific characters (mostly drawn from literary sources) as musical objects. Acrobatic, circus, childlike and fun in style to accompany dance, film and theatre. This work will manifest via performance(s) including dance, film and musical outputs.

Most recently Personas have provided circus music for RoguePlay Theatre at TILT Festival, where they performed an aerialist/acrobat show for kids. After the show, the children were allowed to use the equipment whilst being supervised by the professionals. The band played an hour set during this time. I really felt the musical style suited this environment (acrobatic, circus, childlike and fun in style) and am seeking to explore further work in this area.

The Personas next booked performance will be July 2020.

Performance at RoguePlay Theatre, Tilt Festival