Oliver Farrow — artist, composer and pianist


Oliver is a Music Tutor of Piano, music production and composition; He is required to be resourceful and organised. His teaching covers complete beginners, Primary school, GCSE, A-Level, graded examination for Piano and working and retired adults. This teaching work has exposed Oliver to a wide range of students, some with disabilities such as ADHD and Autism. His experience in music technology is advanced, mostly working with Logic, Ableton, Sibelius, synthesisers, samplers and microphones to create acoustic and electronic compositions.

As an active musician Oliver is living and breathing a wide variety of music, as of late he is involved in projects spanning Opera, electronic dance music, Jazz and Folk.

Oliver is currently a music leader for the ‘Music on Wheels’ project in Brent, London.

Below are some reviews from Oliver’s students:

Rachel T (Piano for her children Jack and Imogen, beginner, teaching them since January 2019)
Ollie is extremely polite and reliable. He has a really good connection with my son who has ADHD. He has a relaxed approach to teaching which is exactly what my son needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone with special needs. I am very happy with my son progression in such a short time.
14th March, 2019

Lin H (Adult learner, Piano) Really enjoying my lessons with Ollie-much more fun to learn with a tutor who loves & lives music & is patient. Would recommend.
9th May, 2019

Sairah D (Composition for GCSE Music) A great 2 hours spent with my son helping him improve his composition. My son learnt a lot in the time. We only needed the one session. He thoroughly enjoyed it.
13th March, 2019

Sunjay P (Adult learner, music technology) Excellent tutor, has great listening skills and very quickly able to compile an action plan for your personal development. Has a great way of engaging with the right level of challenge. Excellent tutor, if you are reading this review book. With confidence!
16th May, 2019