Oliver Farrow — artist, composer and pianist

Three Boats

Oliver’s most recent electro-acoustic project ‘Three Boats’ started out as a watercolour painting of three boats along the shoreline in Aldeburgh.

During Oliver’s stay at the Britten & Piers artist residency in Aldeburgh in October 2019, he sketched this painting of the local landscape and used it to inspire the harmonic material composed at an acoustic baby grand.

One of the first recordings taken for Three Boats piece. This one of Oliver’s improvisations on the baby grand piano in Aldeburgh.

The material was used to compose a 10 minute 7- movement song for Piano, Voice and Flute to be performed in 2020.

MIDI render of the Soprano, Flute and Piano piece. Due to be performed in 2020.

From this, he extracted the MIDI and used this as source material to compose music for electronic instruments.

‘Three Boats’, electronic piece, December 2019
‘Talking Boats’, electronic piece, December 2019

The first example of this project can be observed in an original composition titled ‘Verde’ which Oliver composed whilst traversing Mexico in summer 2017.

Due to being limited to just his MacBook, Oliver was forced to develop a portable way of working without access to a piano, studio hardware, or performers.

Although the source material (or MIDI) was composed straight into Sibelius as a through-composed, stream of consciousness piece, Oliver found compositional value once importing it into Logic and running it through Logics various synthesiser plugins and drum-machines then digitally ‘orchestrating’ it.

‘Verdi’, electronic piece composed whilst traversing Mexico in summer 2017.

For access to the full score or music, please inquire by emailing ollie5549@gmail.com.